Investment Strategy

MPH pursues a long-term strategy to increase the value of its investments. We work in partnership with our portfolio companies and generate synergy potential within the Group. MPH is involved in the strategic decisions of the portfolio companies and actively works to build up and develop the companies. Our goal is to sustainably increase the value of our investments and thus of MPH.

Against the backdrop of demographic development, an increasingly ageing society and an associated rise in health and body awareness, the healthcare market is growing sustainably. We want to take advantage of this potential. Therefore, the focus of our investment strategy is on companies in high-growth segments of the healthcare market around aesthetics, chronic diseases and digitalisation. This includes both the market for prescription drugs, which is regulated by the legislator, and the private-payer market in the field of beauty medicine.

MPH does not limit itself to the healthcare market. There are also investment opportunities outside the healthcare market in high-growth sectors whose potential we would like to exploit.

Irrespective of the sector, our portfolio companies are united by the claim to provide cost-effective care - usually price leadership - with the highest quality of services rendered.

Business model of the company

MPH Health Care AG is a Berlin-based investment and holding company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Basic Board). Its business activity consists of investing in companies with the aim of long-term asset growth.

The strategic focus of the activities is on the acquisition and development of companies and company shares, particularly from growth segments of the health care market and the pharmaceutical industry. This includes both insurance-financed ("first" healthcare market) and privately financed (so-called "second" healthcare market) segments. But MPH AG also exploits potential from high-growth sectors outside these markets, such as the real estate industry. The aim is to generate profitable growth in the portfolio companies through active further development and thus to promote the corporate value of MPH.