Q3 Results 2017

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Preliminary IFRS results in the first nine month of 2017

Berlin, 30. October 2017 – MPH Health Care AG: Growth in the third quarter of 2017

  • Value of portfolio holdings increases by 6,68% to EUR 226,67 million
  • Equity ratio increases to 93%
  • Positive development in the healthcare market

In the first nine months of 2017, MPH achieved a preliminary IFRS net income of EUR 11.22 million. Equity increased from EUR 213.95 million in the previous year to EUR 220.03 million.

The share price of MPH rose by 13.2% to EUR 3.43 compared to the third quarter of 2016. The net asset value per share increased to EUR 5.14. The increase in value of MPH’s portfolio holdings resulted in net income for the third quarter of EUR 13.42 million.

MPH’s portfolio companies HAEMATO AG (pharma) and M1 Kliniken AG (clinics) are benefiting from the continued positive development within their growth segments. HAEMATO AG, a specialist in oncology, HIV and other chronic diseases, generates further growth through the high demand for personalized medicine. The market volume is around EUR 10 billion and is growing at an annual rate of 10%.

Kliniken AG benefits from the rapidly growing beauty market. With now more than 50 doctors and 15 locations in Germany, M1 is the leading chain of clinics in major segments of beauty medicine. The growth amounts to approx. 20% -30% p.a.. The company’s aim is to open up further locations also internationally and at the same time to steadily expand the treatment offer in the outpatient area.

The real estate developer CR Capital Real Estate AG increased their sales quota to more than 50% for the first construction phase of the property in Schkeuditz at Leipzig.

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