Preliminary IFRS-Results 2016

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2016: Temporary IFRS results, annual net profit of €81.45m, €1.90 profit per share (previous year: €84.10m, €1.96 profit per share). Equity €215.33m (previous year: €139.02m).

MPH Mittelständische Pharma Holding AG, Berlin (ISIN: DE000A0L1H32), announces the temporary IFRS group results for fiscal year 2016. In fiscal year 2016, the temporary IFRS annual net profit was €81.45m (€1.90 profit per share).

“HAEMATO AG, M1 Kliniken AG, and CR Capital Real Estate AG holding companies listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange operated successfully in 2016.
In fiscal year 2016, HAEMATO achieved an increase in turnover of 20%, an EBIT growth of 63%, and an increase of the annual net profit of 94%.

During the fiscal year, the HAEMATO share price increased from €4.94 to €6.44. As in the previous year, the dividend paid in June 2016 was €0.30 per share.

M1 Kliniken AG expanded its clinic in Berlin to 6 operating theatres and 35 patient beds. After some more openings, 13 M1 centres of competence are now ready to serve our customers throughout Germany. The financial data for 2016 will be published on 31.03.2017.

The M1 share price has almost doubled from €5.34 to €10.55 during the fiscal year. The dividend paid in June 2016 was €0.30 per share.

CR Capital Real Estate AG reported progress in the project developments at the annual general meeting on 18.08.2016. The 2016 financial data will presumably be published in March 2017.

Following last year’s annual net profit of €84.10m, the annual net profit of €81.45m is another record result. This allows us to be confident regarding the further development in 2017. In each year since 2005, the health care industry has expanded its gross value added more strongly than the overall economy. MPH systematically benefits from the growth of HAEMATO AG in the field of pharmaceuticals in the insurance-financed market and through the growth of M1 Kliniken AG in the direct-payer market, the so-called secondary health care market.

The results situation allows us to propose at the annual general meeting a dividend of €0.12 per share, which is the same amount as last year”, note both Patrick Brenske and Dr Christian Pahl, Members of the Board of MPH.

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