The MPH Health Care AG (before: MPH Mittelständische Pharma Holding AG) was established in November 2008. In September 2009 the company went on the stock exchange. The share is quoted in the Open Market at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The MPH AG is an investment entity strategically focused on the purchase, development and sale of companies and shares in companies especially from the growth segments of the healthcare market. This includes insurance reimbursed segments as well as privately financed segments. But also beyond the healthcare market MPH makes use of potentials of high growth areas.

MPH AG is pursuing an opportunistic buy and sell strategy. Liquid assets generated by sales are used for the establishment of new growth areas.

The aim of the MPH AG is to generate profitable growth of the companies. Hence the value of the portfolio companies as well as the company value of the MPH AG increases.

Our shareholders participate in the value increase of the MPH AG by dividends distributed.


The focus of our investment strategy lies on companies in fast growing segments of the healthcare market. This includes the market of patent-free and patent-protected pharmaceuticals, which is highly regulated by legislation, as well as the self-pay market in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Given the demographic trend, an ageing society as well as an increasing healthcare and body awareness, the healthcare market will continue to grow in the coming years. We intend to exploit these potentials.

We work closely in a partnership with our portfolio companies. The aim is to jointly achieve a sustained increase in company value. In doing so MPH AG is involved in all strategic decisions and is actively working on establishing and developing the companies.

The MPH AG is not only active in the healthcare market as also beyond this sector there are investment opportunities in high growth areas whose potentials we want to realise and build on.


MPH AG is pursuing an opportunistic buy and sell strategy.

After a successful development of a portfolio company, shares of the company will be reduced depending on the prevailing situation and market conditions. This is being accomplished by the sale of shares to investors.

The MPH uses the liquid assets generated by sales to get involved in new high growth companies respectively to build new growth areas.